Tips On Buying and Selling

Tips on Buying:

Buying real estate is an investment.  Therefore,  check with your  personal Tax Professional  for  today’s buying advantages.   These benefits could include the following:     Leverage opportunities….Equity use…Savings from equity build-up….Inflationary hedges against renting…Deductible taxes…Deductible interest…Tax Exclusions…Tax deferred sales…Profits from selling…Profits from conversions or exchanges….And Advalorem tax reductions.      Depending on your acquisition,  one or all of these could apply.        Call Hobbs Realty to discuss your next real estate investment.
The  Buying Decision includes:   shopping, qualifying, negotiations, financing, insurance, appraisals, termite inspections,  home or property inspections, environmental inspections, attorneys, and taxes.    Sometimes it helps to have a helpful Real Estate Broker.      Call Hobbs Realty to discuss your next purchase.


Tips on Selling:

The Selling Process includes:   pricing, advertising,  showing, negotiating, coordinating,  moving….. are you good at keeping the buyer’s interest with one of the biggest emotional and money decisions that a buyer will have to make?    We specialize in helping buyer’s work out numerous  contingencies so you can meet your next goal.    Call  Hobbs Realty  601-833-1859.